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Raquele Magalhães, flute & Sanja Bizjak, piano

Enescu, Muczynski, Prokofieff, Schulhoff




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5 tuning forks

Bertrand Hainaut

February 2017

Raquele Magalhaes Flûte
5 « patchwork » Diapasons

[…] From the very first measures, Magalhaes' warm and generous sonority lulls us into discovering a literature with a Belle Epoque flavour. […] It is striking to hear with what virtuosity the two performers render the incantatory and lyrical character of Schulhoff's score, probably inspired by Stravisnky. […]

The strength and charm of the Magalhaes-Bizjak Duo culminates in Prokofiev's Sonata op.94 (1942). How rare it is to hear it played, without brutality or grandiloquence, with such a richness of articulation and timbre! Passing from the most sincere tenderness to a grating irony proper to the author, the two artists do not forbid themselves moments of pure reverie and pianissimo nuances "on the edge"... It is also by this that an accomplished first album distinguishes itself: two interpreters who have not yielded to any facility.

American Record Guide

Todd Gorman

Jan./ Feb. 2017

Enescu, Muczynski, Prokofieff, Schulhoff
Raquele Magalhaes, fl; Sanja Bizjak, p

[…] These players portray the nuances and mercurial changes found here admirably. […] The Prokofieff Sonate is given a probing account that is alternately crisp and dramatic. The pairs discover points of pianissimo others performers dont embrace, and theirs rendition of the first mouvement in particular gives it considerable heft. The Sonate by Robert Muczynski is everything it should can be. Although lovers of flute music are likely to have other recordings of each selection, renditions as compelling as these deserve to be heard.

When she was 14, Brazilian flutist Raquel Magalhaes won first prize in the ABRAF National Competition, and French flutist Alain Marion offered her a fellowship to study with him at the Paris Conservatory. After getting its coveted first Prize, she went to obtain a PhD in music pedagogy with Philippe Bernold at the Lyon Conservatory. The is a smoothness in her playing that you may notice more than anything else, along with its spirit and verve.

The recording has a well balanced sound that has a wide range between loudest and softest points. Booklet notes contributed by Denis Verroust of the Jean-Pierre Rampal Association wouldn’t rescue this recording if it were bad, and in this case add little to its luster since the playing is so fantastic.

German Review - Crescendo Magazine

Christoph Schlüren

January 2017

The queen of the flute
the taming of the elegance of the wood family

"No other instrument is played by so many people and has brought out so few great musicians."


[…] Now, by chance, an album has fallen into my hands, which suddenly makes all these experiences obsolete: for the label EVIDENCE CLASSICS, the Brazilian flutist Raquele Magalhães and the Serbian pianist Sanja Bizjak have recorded in duo the album "Patchwork", whose quality surpasses everything I have heard on the flute for decades.

[…] Raquele Magalhaes seduces with its powerful and nuanced sound, soft and inexhaustible, with strong abundance and pianissimo of an ethereal finesse, with a clear articulation as crystal and a conscious and flexible expression at every moment. Anyway his playing is extremely pure and he is provided with an irreproachable rhythm. […]

Together they form a fantastically engaging unity, captivating as much by its clarity and depth as by its spontaneity and vocal sensitivity. Each movement has its own character and, alongside the symphonic dimension of Prokofiev's great sonata, it is above all Muczynski's music, as capricious as it is dense and coherent, with its wonderful and captivating dissonances, that is particularly fascinating.


Holger Arnold

September 2016

Raquele Magalhães, Patchwork
2 Prizes by German Review FONO FORUM 
4**** Music & 4**** Recording Awards

A Brazilian flutist and a Serbian pianist with the music of European composers inspired by the French school of flute: Patchwork precisely - and it is extremely captivating. […] Enchanting musical interpretations, characterized by the intense dialogue of the two protagonists.


Raquele Magalhães, passionate flautist

Conversation avec la flûtiste Raquele Magalhães à l’occasion de la parution d’un passionnant enregistrement autour d’Enescu, Schulhoff, Prokofiev et Muczynski.

La flûtiste évoque la musique de Schulhoff, l’un de ses maîtres, Alain Marion, son itinéraire, du Brésil à la France, son amour de la musique française, la pianiste Sanja Bizjak, sa partenaire sur cet enregistrement (« Patchwork », chez Evidence).

Elle parle des versions de la sonate de Prokofiev pour flûte et piano, « arrangée » par Jean Pierre Rampal d’après la partition pour violon et piano, et de ses vies de flûtiste solo d’orchestre.

Luxembourg website - Pizzicato

Elegante Flötenmusic

[…] The interpretations are inspired, virtuosic and elegant, with a demanding and sovereign artistic refinement (EVCD025).

French site - Musik Zen

Gerard Pangon

June 2016

Festive flute
Mischievous and tender anthology by Raquele Magalhães

[…] Finally, Raquele Magalhães' interpretation is so musical that it makes each piece extraordinarily lively, whether it is light or infinitely sad, bouncy or deliciously romantic.

Tastes and Passions

Olivier F. de Felice


Sumptuous Joys

French publisher Evidence Classics surprises us with a fine classical production for the summer, complete with a series of concerts to launch this successful disc. […] The talented female duo performs compositions from four great repertoires that illustrate Slavic music and soul: the Romanian Enescu, the Czech Schulhoff, the Russian Prokofiev and the American Muczynski. The performance is attractive, the recording of high quality. The performance is at once melodic, playful, romantic and joyful. The choice of titles is timely and we are lulled into a sweet melodious dream throughout this listening. Patchwork is the combination of two great musical talents, the flute-piano combination is, indeed, one of the most harmonious there is. The whole is refined and virtuoso, the listening is simple and catchy, it is a work that will delight any audience. […]

Classic HD

Nicolas Roberges


4/5 Interpretation - 4/5 Répertoire - 4/5 Sound Quality
Patchwork (works for flute and piano)

[…] Raquel Magalhaes' flute playing is masterful, as we discover from the very first bars of the album. Like a little bird that wanders and discovers so many things... This is always the impression I get when listening to flute music.
[…] Raquele's flute knows how to show its sweetness but without ever leaving room for melancholy. It's really very pleasant to listen to; it sings of spring. […]

When you get to the end, you think that these sonatas fit together very well, that the choice was very judicious.
I didn't feel at all like I was listening to four composers, it's crazy.

pawel-czerwinski-9anj7QWy-2g-unsplash copie.jpg
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