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Flute and Piano
Raquele Magalhães & Marie-Josèphe Jude

« The two musicians seduce with a duet and a sense of balance of rare perfection, but also with a refinement of every moment. Whether it be delicacy, temperament, colour or virtuosity, everything is of the highest quality.
As for Raquele Magalhaes, gifted with an exceptional sound, she captivates with the poetry of her playing, subtly thwarting the traps of transcription, and combining finesse and intensity with dazzling talent. The disc is dedicated to the memory of Alain Marion: it is obvious that he passed on to his pupil an extraordinary inspiration... 


Denis Verroust - President of the Association Jean-Pierre Rampal

Traversière Magasine n.137


Raquele Magalhães and Marie-Josèphe Jude have been playing as a duo since 2017, with the aim of recording a disc together. For three years, they have been working together in regular rehearsals and research, thanks to which the label NoMadMusic has given them 'carte blanche' for the recording.
This in-depth work led them to the subject of transcriptions, a practice that was much more widespread in the past, and whose richness deserved to be highlighted again in Flute Transcriptions!


Biography of Marie-Josèphe :


Released in April 2021 by the NoMadMusic label, this record has been warmly criticized and awarded by the press, such as the magazine Classica and the critic Pascal Gresset who awarded it 5***** and the magazine Télérama which offered it fff in the Beau Geste section by Sophie Bourdais!


This record has also been very well received and reviewed by the radio and the press, in France and abroad:
- in Austria with Peter Kislinger for RFO1 radio and for,
- in Switzerland with Juliette Granier for the radio RTS-Espace2 in the programme Musique Matin,
- in France with Radio France: with Emilie Munera and Rodolph Bruneau-Boulmier for the programme En Piste ! ; with Lionel Esparza for Relax & with Jean-Baptiste Urbain for Musique Matin,

still in France with Elisabeth Faramin & Bruno Fumat for the radio RCF & the radio Les Coteaux in the program Symphonie des notes,

- in Germany with Christoph Schlüren for the Neue Muzikzeitung Print,- in the USA with Todd Gormann for the independent magazine American Record Guide,- in France : Denis Verroust for La Traversière Magazine, Franck Mallet for Musikzen, Thierry Boillot for Journal L'Alsace (Disque du Jour), Hervé König for Anaclase, Philippe Gut for Opéra Musiclassique, Hugues Rameau-Crays for Classique c'est cool...



During the second confinement in France, Raquele Magalhães and Marie-Josèphe Jude gave livestream concerts on the RecitHall platform, in a production of the association A FLEUR DE NOTES and with the support of SPEDIDAM. They played for the Arthèmes Association at the Hungarian Institute.
For the 2021-2022 season, the duo will perform in Saint-Germain-lès-Corbeils, at the Jeudis Musicaux de Royan, at the Festival des Abbayes, at the Salle Cortot and at the Musée Bourdelle.


Caroline Martin
Caroline Martin Musique - Agence Artistique
M : +33 6 81 07 92 37 ou T : +33 5 45 95 44 74
@ :

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Raquele Magalhães, flute
Ariane Jacob, piano
Aurélienne Brauner, cello

Comprising Raquele Magalhaes on flute, Aurélienne Brauner on cello and Ariane Jacob on piano, the Trio Valadon presents a wide repertoire of original works, transcriptions and contemporary creations. The artistic career of the painter Suzanne Valadon (1865-1938), synonymous with freedom and interdisciplinarity, is its source of inspiration.

The flute, cello and piano ensemble offers an unsuspected wealth of repertoire and artistic possibilities. If audiences are won over, contemporary composers are also particularly interested in the idea of working with a group that offers them new creative perspectives: the combinations of breaths, bow rubs and the muffled percussion of hammers create an infinite and singular palette of sound, like that of a miniature orchestra. Richard Dubugnon, Pierre Farago and Craig Bloomfield have composed works especially for the Trio Valadon.

In 2016, Aurélienne Brauner and Raquele Magalhaes formed the Trio Valadon, which has had the opportunity to work with pianists Lorène de Ratuld and Paolo Rigutto. In 2024, Ariane Jacob joined the Trio Valadon to continue developing their repertoire and projects. In particular, they are preparing a recording.

For its stage debut at the Festival Atours de notes 2017, the Trio Valadon premiered Pierre Farago's Mimitsraïm. This work, recorded at the time of its premiere, was performed with the participation of painter Bena. The Atours de notes Festival 2018 is renewing its confidence in the Trio Valadon for the creation of the musical theatre show Scandale! French music during the Belle Epoque".


The Trio Valadon has performed with great success at the Atours de notes Festival, the Concerts de Vollore, the Musique sur Ciel Festival, the Moments Musicaux de Chalosse, the Mai Musical des Coteaux Bordelais, the Nocturnes de l'Aude, the Mission on the Roc in Granville... Recently, the Trio Valadon produced two live recordings on the internet for the Recithall platform and for the Musique aux Logis concert series.


Ariane Jacob's Biography :

& Aurélienne Brauner :

Trio facebook webpage :

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Flute and Guitar
Raquele Magalhães & Étienne Candela

Raquele Magalhães and Etienne Candela met at the CNSM in Paris. They realised that, despite the diversity and extent of the repertoire dedicated to their instruments, with their complementary timbres, they shared the same attraction for popular and traditional music and for the search for unexpected and innovative programmes.

Since their first concerts in 2015, the Magalhães-Candela Duo has built its musical fund around works inspired or influenced by folk music, all of which invite you to travel. They have played for the Saison l'Excell'art, the Saison en streaming Recithall, the Festival Univers Guitare, the Heures Musicales de Gien, the Pierres qui chantent, Les ClisSonnates... Since 2018, their Duo is regularly invited to perform by the Hors Saison or in so many other festivals in the region of Limoges and Sud-Ouest. The Magalhães-Candela Duo has just recorded Piazzolla's Histoire du Tango, with a release of the disc planned for 2022.

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